"My Planet" —​ ​the leading travel channel in Russia.

"Nauka" — a popular factual entertainment channel on the achievements of Russian and world science.


"Istoriya" —​ the TV channel proves: history is interesting, intriguing and informative.

"Living Planet" — the main national TV channel about wildlife.

"Т24" — men only. Machinery, arms, military technologies, male occupations and hobbies.

"Moolt" —​ Russian cartoons for little ones.

"Mama" —​ key events of family life, kids raising and development.

"Russkiy roman HD" — the best romantic movies in HD.

"Russkiy detektiv" — TV channel dedicated to Russian detective movies purely.

"Russkiy bestseller" —​ popular Russian TV series.

"Sarafan" — a family channel with a unique amount of humorous content.

"The Real Horror Television" —​ best horror, mystery movies, and thrillers.

"Komediya" — top Russian comedy films and series.

"Tlum.ru" — a recommendation service for kids and their parents.

"Moolt in the cinema" — a serial cinema project featuring the latest episodes of the most popular Russian cartoons.

"Zagadki Planety" — an educational game helping you to discover the world together with My Planet.

Parovoz Studio produces films, series and full-length cartoons.

"My Planet Club" — travelers' meeting point. Experience, knowledge, opportunities and equipment. Like-minded people all over the world.

"U-mama" — parents (including expectant ones) are welcome to online forum about kids with useful addresses, phone numbers, experts' advice and news.

"Cinéma" — a collection of 20th-century world hits featuring legendary actors — the symbols of the age and the idols of millions: Adriano Celentano, Louis de Funes, Jean Paul Belmondo, Pierre Richard, Sophia Loren, Ornella Muti, Catherine Deneuve and many others.

"Doctor" —​ the only factual entertainment TV channel about medicine that offers programs about the medical science achievements, new methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases to a wide audience.

"Moolt&Music" —​ 24-hour family TV channel with the best songs from popular cartoons.

"FAN" —​ the only TV channel of animated films and TV series and feature films in the fantasy and fiction genre in Russia.

"MOMRI" — Modern Media Research Institute is a leading research company in the field of mass media and business communications.

"MVK" distributes feature-length films, animation, documentaries and children’s animation collection.

"National Advertising Alliance" — a single platform for the sale and placement of television advertising.