Premiere of the second season of "Cathy Quest” in the MOOLT app

The premiere of the second season of the animated series "Cathy Quest” will take place in the MOOLT application on Saturday, May 2, 2020. In the new episodes, Cathy and her friend Ef will travel around the world, discover new countries and get acquainted with their culture and customs. The cartoon was created by the Parovoz Studio commissioned by Digital Television Russia.

Where do the breakfast rolls come from, why does the submarine sink all the time, how do forks and spoons appear from the mountain, and why do weather forecasters need nets? In the first season, girl Cathy and her friend Ef go to bakeries, factories, trains, ships and figure out how everything works.

In the second season, Cathy and Ef travel to different countries and visit children around the world. They learn interesting facts about traditions, culture, hobbies of people from all over the world, enjoy the sights, engage in various sports and of course cook amazing dishes.

The director of the series "Cathy Quest” Roman Tramvay, from Parovoz Studio:

“In the second season, the animated series "Cathy Quest” has a new concept. Now our curious heroes get acquainted with boys and girls all over the world and learn a lot about different corners of the planet and their inhabitants. The team of scriptwriters chose the most interesting facts for children and about children. You will learn them in new episodes!”