"Living Planet" presents the premiere of the project "Kingdom Fungi"

"Living Planet" TV channel, a part of Digital Television Russia company, presented the premiere of the project "Kingdom Fungi" in the "My Planet" app before broadcasting on the TV.

The famous blogger, holder of the title “Best Guide of Russia” Dmitry Tikhomirov tells the viewers about the most mysterious kingdom of wildlife.

Modern science still only reveals the secrets of mushrooms, their role in nature and the impact on human life. Each year, mycologists find more and more varieties of these amazing organisms.

In Russia, hundreds of species of fungi. Their search and collection in the project are accompanied by comments from leading Russian mycologists: what, in fact, a mushroom organism is, how it is possible to plant mushrooms in your garden, and how amazingly they interact with trees.

The first episode of the project is dedicated to the king of Russian forests - porcini mushroom! Viewers will find out whether it is true that porcini mushrooms should be searched next to fly agaric, why a real boletus mushroom grows even from under the snow, and how to make something delicious from porcini mushrooms.