"Cathy Quest” animated series received the diploma at Suzdalfest

The episode "Secret Knowledge" of the animated series "Cathy Quest” was awarded the diploma at the Open Russian Festival of Animated Films in the category "Best Animated Series" with the wording "for education as an adventure". 

The main characters of the animated series are the girl Cathy and her imaginary friend Ef, they tell the little viewers how everything is arranged, starting from the confectionery factory and ending with space. Where do muffins come from? How do submarines stay underwater? What do mountains have to do with forks and spoons? And why do meteorologists need butterfly nets? A little girl Cathy and her friend Creature Ef travel through the magical Anywhere-Door to bakeries, factories, trains, and steamboats to look inside and learn how they work.

Suzdalfest was held from March 11 to March 16, 2020. The awards were presented on March 15.