Two projects of "Nauka" channel entered "For Fidelity to Science 2020" Prize shortlist

A shortlist of laureates of the Prize “For Fidelity to Science 2020” was announced, it included 2 projects of the "Nauka" channel!

The nominees of the VI All-Russian Prize "For Fidelity to Science" became known yesterday. The winners of the Prize in each nomination will be awarded at a ceremony on February 7, on the eve of the "Day of Russian Science", at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

The show "Distorted Facts" was nominated as “The Best Television / Radio Project on Science”. This project is an attempt to answer fantastic questions that go beyond understanding, based only on scientific facts. No guesswork or speculation. Naked facts, pure mathematics, and nude physics. Seriously about frivolous. Scientifically about unscientific. Realistically about fantastic. Each episode combines one topic with several questions that are usually asked in the subjunctive mood. For example: what will happen if aliens land on Earth? The project gives one single possible and scientific answer.

“Film Science!” photo contest is nominated as “The Best Science Photo Project”. “Film Science!” is a contest of user-made photos and videos, focused on bloggers, television journalists, scientists, and students interested in popularizing scientific knowledge. The project was launched by the channel "Nauka" with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation in 2017.