From sketch to VIVEPORT: the story of creating the first Russian family app Magic Lantern VR

The Magic Lantern VR is an amazing animated series, an educational mobile app and a game for virtual reality devices HTC VIVE that will immerse you in the atmosphere of a fairy tale. For more than two years millions of children in Russia have been learning kindness, friendship and justice on the classic literary stories presented in the animated series.

Evgeny Golovin, creative director

«Each episode is a separate story based on the motives of world-famous works, watched and discussed by brother and sister - Mike and Kate. Each story for the film-strip was drawn by the best illustrators of the country, and the form of the narrative is adapted for toddlers understanding. We expect that such acquaintance with the world literature can develop a love for reading».

Daria Kantemirova, concept artist

«Working on the cartoon concept I wanted to create a dream room filled with toys, pictures, children's books and family photos. The room uses elements from my childhood: a curtain with stars, a favorite cat and other details that make the atmosphere cozy».

Magic Lantern VR is a virtual reality game developed by Parovoz Animation Studio and published by Interactive Moolt and based on the popular animated tv series. Magic Lantern VR is a family-oriented interactive game. The game starts the room, where you can interact with many different objects: pet the cat, play darts, draw on the easel, or watch cartoons via a projector. The game requires an HTC VIVE headset and controllers.

Anton Smetankin, CEO

«Unfortunately, very few quality products for the whole family are represented in the applications market for virtual reality devices. Content producers are guided by experienced gamers. But only VR technology give an opportunity to become a part of your favorite story and find yourself in a fairy tale. Therefore we decided not to miss the chance and give the fans of the cartoon this unique adventure».

Mstislav Pavlov, Lead at VR Department

«The development of Magic Lantern VR took nine months for the team. Choosing a platform for the game we decided on HTC VIVE as this is the best platform that allows you to create a project with complete freedom of action in the game and easy management. No device has such an intuitive interface».

Magic Lantern VR became available in the Viveport application store.