Disney Channel To Feature “Heroes of Envell: exit game”

The premiere of the animated feature film "Heroes of Envell: exit game" will take place on Disney Channel. The film was created based on the Russian science-fiction animated series "Heroes of Envell" (production of the "Parovoz" animation studio commissioned by the company "Digital Television Russia"). November 29 at 19:30 spectators will be able to enjoy the adventures in the virtual world in the company of four teenage gamers.


The cartoon tells about four friends gamers - Art, Vic, Phil, and Kira. The guys find an unusual laptop at school, which is a portal to the world of an exciting but dangerous game called "Heroes of Envell". Once there, friends get superpowers, and with them - a lot of problems, challenges and an insidious enemy named Morgarth. He seeks to break out into the real world, and the heroes must stop him!

The animated series "Heroes of Envell" has already managed to win the love of numerous fans. For them, new scenes were added to the film that will allow to look at the events taking place in the series from a different angle. A new prologue and epilogue have been specially created for the viewers who are not yet familiar with the universe of "Heroes of Envell".

The director and main author of the project is Anton Lanshakov, whose portfolio includes works on such popular TV shows as "Be-be-bears" and "Fantasy Patrol". The animated series "Heroes of Envell" was created by "Parovoz" Studio commissioned by the "Digital Television Russia" company.  The second season, consisting of 26 episodes, is in production.

The premiere of the animated movie "Heroes of Envell: exit game" will be held on November 29 at 19:30 under the heading "Animated Feature Films at 19:30" on Disney Channel!


More about "Heroes of Envell: exit game":
Disney Channel premiere: November 29th at 7:30 pm
Year of production: Russia, 2019
Director and main author of the series: Anton Lanshakov
Target audience: 6+