The international premiere of the Russian film "St. Andrew’s Flag"

On May 9 the international premiere of the unique documentary film "St. Andrew’s flag" produced by the Russian TV channel "T24" will be held on “TV Most” channel in the Republic of Serbia. The international premiere of the film about the first combat campaign of the Russian aircraft carrier group in the Mediterranean Sea will be timed to the 72nd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

"St. Andrew’s flag" is a unique project that has no analogs in the practice of producing documentary films. The documentaries of the television channel T24, which is part of the Russian media company Digital Television Russia, managed to capture the unprecedented transfer of Russian Navy ships from the base of the Northern Fleet to the shores of Syria, as well as the real combat work of a group of ships and aircraft. The actions of Russian servicemen were followed with attention by all the world's media.

The film "St. Andrew’s flag" is based on exclusive video footage made by the "T24" channel crew during the 47-day maritime campaign of the Russian squadron led by the Russian Navy's flagship heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral of the Soviet Union Fleet Kuznetsov”. The team has documented in details the flagship of the Russian Navy Northern Fleet the heavy nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser “Pyotr Velikiy”, large destroyer ships “Severomorsk” and “Vice Admiral Kulakov”.

More than a hundred unique combat flights including the most modern carrier-based aircrafts Mikoyan MiG-29K and Sukhoi Su-33 were shot during the operation. The crew was able to capture the first tests of the newest attack helicopters KA-52K Katran.

Journalists of "T24" channel brought more than two hundred hours of source video materials. Television content produced on the base of these materials is capable to completely satisfy the most demanding audience.

The multi-million audience of the TV channel "T24" was the first to watch "St. Andrew’s flag" documentary in February 2017.

Currently the documentary "St. Andrew’s flag" is translated into Chinese, Arabic, English and soon it will be available to a wide audience in different parts of the world.