Digital Television Russia enters international market

From October 12 to 17, Digital Television Russia will take part in the largest international content markets MIPJunior and MIPCOM in Cannes.

Digital Television Russia is a Russian media company leading the market of thematic television. The media company is the first Russian holding to deliver its audiovisual content and services onto 5 different types of screens: on TVs, monitors, smartphones and tablets, as well as on wide screens of movie theaters. Digital Television Russia unites 19 television channels of various genres under a single brand - factual entertainment, children's, films and serials, including international projects.

For the first time, the company will be presented as an independent distributor of eleven projects - "Leo and Tig", "Fantasy Patrol", "Be-be-bears", "Woodventures", "Magic Lantern" and others. Animation projects have already been awarded Russian and foreign high prizes. For example, Xiamen international animation festival "Best Foreign Animated Series" award (2016), IKAR animation award for "Best Series" (2017), TEFI-Kids award in the nomination "Best Animated Series" (2019).

The following popular animated projects of the MOOLT TV channel were adapted for the foreign audience:

  • "Woodventures" - a story about wooden toys that live in a small wooden town.
  • "Be-be-bears" - a popular Russian animated series about the adventures of two friends - a brown bear named Bucky, a polar bear named Bjorn.
  • "Rolando Locomotov races to rescue" - an interesting and informative series that teaches the basic health and safety measures in verse.
  • "Cutie Cubies" - four cosmic Cubies from a faraway cubic kingdom crash-land their spaceship on Earth.
  • "Leo and Tig" - the adventures of a small, restless leopard named Leo and his best friend Tig the tiger.
  • "Fantasy Patrol" - the animated series presents the incredible and exciting adventures of four young sorceresses: Helena, Valery, Mary and Snowy, combines the stories of girls with supernatural powers and the world of Russian fairy tales.
  • "Heroes of Envell" - a fantastic animated series made in 3D technology about four schoolmates from St. Petersburg who find an unusual laptop which is a portal to the world of the game “Heroes of Envell” with real adventures and real dangers.


"Entering foreign markets is one of the strategic directions for our company. From a wide portfolio of our animated series, we selected projects that, by their unique content, have great potential to interest absolutely different audiences in a number of countries outside of Russia and the CIS. The main advantages of the animation projects that we present are such important features as educational goals, the friendship of the main characters, a unique sense of humor and music. In my opinion, these are the necessary elements in any content that gather viewers around the screens and cause loyalty not only children but also a family audience. Our plans are to develop both media distribution and a licensing program," says Victoria Bolotova, Head of the International Content Distribution Department, who recently joined the company.