Premiere of the "Bear School" project

The project is dedicated to the life of the Bear Orphanage of the Pazhetnov family in the Tver Region, Russia. In February-March, newborn cubs are brought to this private bear shelter who, due to the fault of poachers or an accident, were left without maternal care. The huntsmen find about 20 cubs left in the dens every year, and it is pretty lucky if they manage to save the cubs. Specialists of the "orphanage" raise animals according to a special technique so that they do not get used to humans and it will be easy for them to adapt when they return to the wildlife.

It was not easy for the "Living Planet" crew. They were faced with the task of capturing all the events from the life of the cubs - from their getting into a shelter to setting them free. To do this, they literally had to merge with the environment inhabited by cubs. It is important to raise these small predators so that they are not accustomed to contact with people. Shelter workers do not raise cubs, they only provide them with conditions close to their natural habitat. Ultimately, all forms of behavior necessary for life in the wild should be formed in animals: the ability to defend oneself, to get food and build dens. Before being released into the wild, cubs are carefully examined by veterinarians: they are tested for parasitic and infectious diseases, and a vaccine against rabies is also given to them.

The premiere screening of the film “Bear School” was held as part of the IV Festival of the Russian Geographical Society and was warmly received by the audience. On September 19, viewers were able to watch the first episode of the project on the official YouTube channel of "Living Planet", the television premiere of the project will take place on November 23.