Novaya Zemlya. Diving into the unknown

The creative crew of "My Planet" TV channel completed the editing of a new documentary "Novaya Zemlya. Diving into the unknown” (working title is “Underwater Russia. The Barents Sea”), created with the financial support of the Russian Geographical Society.

The film is a continuation of the project "Arctic: Underwater Aliens”, also implemented with the support of the Russian Geographical Society, and having great success not only among viewers in Russia but also other countries such as China, France, Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, etc.

The film is dedicated to the underwater world of the Barents Sea, washing the western coast of the Russian archipelago Novaya Zemlya, for many years it has been a mystery to scientists. This is a world that Russian biologists are discovering before our eyes and the viewer will see it with the highest degree of detail of the whole diversity of life in the depths of the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean, where no one has filmed before us.

Novaya Zemlya – an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, a real end of the world. Throughout the second half of the 20th century, it was a closed military zone where nuclear tests were carried out. No one has ever deliberately studied the underwater world of the archipelago. A team of young biologists, headed by Alexander Semenov, like the new Cousteau team, went to Novaya Zemlya to explore its underwater world, and the “My Planet” TV channel, with the support of the Russian Geographical Society, will open this world to its viewers.