"Arctic: Underwater Aliens" – stunning look at the wildlife found in the Arctic’s waters

Documentary project "Arctic: Underwater Aliens" is a fascinating story about the incredible creatures of this geographic region, filmed by "My Planet" TV channel based on the Russian Geographical Society grant. This unique project opens the doors of the Arctic World for the spectators and introduces amazing wildlife of the White Sea in the area of the Kola Peninsula. The author of the project is a traveler, biologist, photographer Alexander Semenov, who is called "Russian Cousteau".

The shooting took two years and was complicated by the fact that summer in the Arctic lasts only a couple of months a year when there are no storms and it’s possible to watch the unique "alien" fauna of the Arctic waters.

The location for the film shooting was chosen because of a very rare mollusk Flabellina Polaris discovered by the scientist in the water area of the Kola Peninsula.

The big part of the film making is complex underwater shooting, timelapse and aerial survey. According to the scientists, some objects could not be seen with the naked eye, so they had to use macro shooting and very powerful lighting. In some cases, one object was shot but a lot of other small objects, that were not suspected to be seen, were visible on the big screen.

"Arctic: Underwater Aliens" was selected for participation in the session "Documentary content from Eastern Europe" and shown in Cannes at the MIPDoc conference among the most interesting and relevant projects.

The Russian premiere will take place on “My Planet” channel on April 29, 2017