2 million downloads of "Paper Tales" app!

Educational mobile application "Paper Tales", based on the animated series of the same name, continues to conquer the mobile applications market. The application was installed on more than two million devices around the world.

"Paper tales" became popular among small users in more than 15 countries. The same number of languages the application was translated into. The story tells of the adventures of inseparable friends Aristotle the Moose and Knock-Knock the Woodpecker.

Every object is interactive in the app and it allows a child to create, explore the world, and experiment.

Russian animated series "Paper Tales" is recognized as the best animation project. The animated series created by "Parovoz" animation studio got the "gold" in "Best Foreign Animation Series" nomination at the festival in China. The international jury evaluated the originality of the idea and its educational component.

“Interactive Moolt” studio is among the Top-5 largest children’s mobile app publishers, and a leader in this market segment in Russia and CIS. Their main focus is on development, publishing and marketing of educational mobile games and apps based on cartoons shown on the “Moolt” TV channel.