Parovoz Studio will take part inAfisha Picnic festival

This Saturday, Parovoz Studio will take part in the Afisha Picnic, a one-day outdoor festival held in Moscow, Russia every summer. The Studio will organize workshops on painting wooden toys based on two animated series "Cutie Cubies" and "Woodventures", where animators kids can create their own characters from wooden figures.

For the youngest guests of the festival, the Parovoz Studio prepared a large wall painting depicting characters from the animated series "Fantasy Patrol", "Woodventures", "Cutie Cubies" and "Be-be-bears".

Another area is the wall, where it is easy to stick a sticker with drawings or wishes. By the end of the day, parents and guests will be able to read the thoughts of the main visitors of the stand - children!

Also, the Studio will bring mascots for hugs and photos - Leo (from "Leo and Tig" animated series) and Ef (from "Cathy Quest" animated series).