“Paper Tales” will open the summer programming scheme on CCTV Kids

Special programming of the programming scheme for the summer season is not only the traditional practice of the CCTV channel but also the most valuable time to host animation premieres. The world's best cartoons are shown for the first time on the TV channel during the summer period, among them now is the animated series “Paper Tales”, that will open the summer programming scheme tomorrow: blocks of 27 episodes will be broadcast alternately at 10:30 am on Saturday and Sunday.

“Signal Media” has closed a deal on the cartoon produced by “Parovoz” Studio commissioned by All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company and adapted for international sales by Digital Television Russia with the largest public broadcaster in China.

The popular children's television channel, CCTV Kids, where Russian animated series will be broadcast, was created by the Chinese state-run television broadcaster in 2003 and is distributed throughout mainland China to an audience of over a billion people. The channel shows programs for preschoolers, primary school students and adolescents.

“Paper Tales” is one of the most popular projects of the “Parovoz” Studio. The animated series is focused on a children's audience from 3 to 6 years old, but even older kids and grownups are happy to watch it.

The series “Paper Tales” tells the story of the fun adventures of paper animals in a land where everything is made of paper. The fun adventures of a moose named Aristotle and a woodpecker named Knock-knock are combined with interesting DIY lessons, in which viewers can learn how to make all the cartoon characters from paper, cardboard, scissors, and glue.

The international potential of the Russian cartoon was noticed in 2016 at the prestigious international Cyber Sousa Award, where “Paper Tales” took the “gold” in the nomination “Best Foreign Animated Series” and became the sole owner of this award from Russia. The international jury highly marked not only the originality of the idea of the cartoon but also its educational component.

In addition, the moose Aristotle and the woodpecker Knock-knock have long been popular in the production of goods for children, as well as educational applications for smartphones and tablets.

The premiere of “Paper Tales” in the domestic market took place on March 21, 2015, in Russian cinemas as part of the “MOOLT in Cinema” project. Today, the animated series can be seen on the TV channel “Tlum HD”, “MOOLT”, “Carousel” and on the channel “Culture” in the program “Good night, kids!”, And the TV channels of such holdings as Discovery, MTVA, United Media and many others.