“Planet Tuva” film premiere in Moscow

On July 6, the premiere of the film “Planet Tuva” will take place as part of the Moscow Urban Fest. The Republic of Tuva is the most unknown in Russia, located in the center of Asia and isolated from the world, it was able to preserve its uniqueness and originality. Nature has healing powers, the ancestors of Tuvans are genetically close to the American Indians, and traditional tea tastes salty, and even with milk and butter. Now this mysterious land will be a little closer. The "Planet Tuva" project will reveal the secrets of a wonderful world.

The film was created as an ethnological and geographical, mental and metaphysical journey, where the characters explore themes: East and West, Mind and Spirituality, different themes of civilization, Man and Woman, Past and Future. The plot is based on the impressions of the journalist Sayana Mongush and the famous Czech photographer Stanislav Krupař from their trip to Tuva. Two representatives of different cultures, from opposite ends of the world, are looking for a symbolic entrance to Shambhala. The travelers communicate with the nomadic shepherds, visit the local temple of Ustuu-Khuree, go to the mountains to the nomadic reindeer herders, and visit the village of Old Believers in the taiga. The project was created by EMG by request of the Russian Geographical Society.

Svetlana Rodina, the film director: “It all started with a book by Sergey Mintslov about his journey on the instructions of Nicholas II in the Uryankhay region. I was amazed by how dismissively the author writes about nomads, compares them with wild animals, even without understanding the local language. And I wanted to make a film - not only about Tuva but about the clash of different cultures, civilizations and how snobbery, fear and stereotypes often prevent us from engaging in dialogue and distort our understanding of many things. This journey was for me not just a film, but one of the most important life experiences. Thank you, Tuva.”

To this day, Tuva is considered a mysterious planet in which the past is preserved, with its shamans, Old Believers, shepherds wandering the steppes. But perhaps this whole idea of Tuva is only an illusion of a Western person who is tired of rationality, materiality and logic of the modern world. The viewers of the TV channel "My Planet" will also be able to reveal the secrets of the mysterious land. The film will be shown on the channel in August.

“The purpose of the film is to show that the Tuva Republic is not just an exotic region inhabited by amazing people with ancient traditions, but also a place of power, where the big city’s fuss is pushed into the background, and another person’s world with its authentic culture, religion and rhythm of life becomes paramount. This project helps to destroy the usual stereotypes and show not the differences, but the unity of our people, to see the world of another person and yourself with new eyes,” said Nikolai Tabashnikov, editor-in-chief of the My Planet TV channel.

The premiere of the film “Planet Tuva” will be held as part of the annual Moscow Urban Fest, which will be held in Moscow from 4 to 7 July in Zaryadye Park.