Projects of Digital Television Russia received 2 "TEFI-KIDS" awards

The professional jury of the contest recognized the MOOLT channel and “Fantasy Patrol” animated series as the best in the “TV channel/program design” and “The best animated series” nominations.

On June 18, the first Russian national television award for the best TV programs for children "TEFI-Kids" was held in Moscow. Professionals of the media industry in the field of children's television chose the most significant projects. The competition received more than 130 works from regional and federal producers (television and film companies, studios, production centers, associations, regional broadcasters and program editors) with on-air broadcasting, broadcasting via satellite, cable operators and the Internet. The works of Digital Television Russia reached the final of the competition in seven nominations.

MOOLT TV channel addressed to young viewers from 1.5 to 6 years old and their parents received TEFI-Kids Award in the nomination “The best design of a TV channel/program”. The channel showed an unprecedented increase in popularity among viewers over the entire existence of media measurements in Russia. From the first days of broadcasting, MOOLT has not departed from the main idea - only good and kind Russian cartoons. Today, the channel is in the TOP-3 channels in Russia by rating and share among the children's audience.

Tatyana Tsyvareva, general producer of MOOLT: “We are very pleased that so many projects commissioned by Digital Television Russia reached the final of the TEFI Kids award. This year the Foundation of the Russian Academy of Television holds the award for the first time, therefore, it is especially valuable to get a high appraisal of the work done.”

“Fantasy Patrol” won TEFI-Kids award in the category “The best animated series”. This is the first Russian project that turned the animated series into a real musical group. The main characters are the four young wizards from the Fantasy Patrol team - Helena, Valery, Mary and Snowy. Their task is to control the forces of fantasy and keep peace.

Alexander Sablukov, General Director of "0+ Media" company: “Fantasy Patrol is a unique series not only from a creative but also from a commercial point of view. On the one hand, this is a young project that has been on air for only three years, at the very beginning with an actively developing licensed program, on the other hand, it already has all the hallmarks of a mature popular brand: leadership in the sale of licensed products, excellent television viewing indicators, a huge fan audience and prizes at prestigious awards and festivals, that is now confirmed by TEFI-Kids. Considering the plans for content production and the development of the project, there is no doubt that the Fantasy Patrol over the coming years will remain one of the main phenomena of the Russian animation, both in our country and abroad.”