Digital Television Russia projects received 8 awards of MediaBrand contest!

The international jury of MediaBrand recognized the promo videos of “MOOLT”, “FAN” and “The really scary TV” channels as the best works in three nominations. In total, the video works of the DTR television channels received 8 MediaBrand awards.

On May 29, the awarding ceremony of the winners and finalists of the annual MediaBrand contest was held in Moscow. World-class television marketing and promotion experts identified the best Russian projects of the year in the field of design and promotion. The competition received 538 works from Russian tv channels.

The creativity and quality of the projects created by "Digital Television Russia" (VGTRK and Rostelecom), the leader of the Pay-TV market in Russia, was highly rated by professionals from different countries.

The ID promo of the children's TV channel “MOOLT” was recognized as the best cable TV design, besides it received silver in the nomination “The best design of a television channel”.

The nomination “The funniest promo” was won by FAN, the only Russian channel broadcasting science fiction films and fantastic animation, with promo video ad of “The Matrix” movie. Also, the contest jury awarded FAN an honorable second place in the nomination “The best promo for a film or TV show” for the same video ad.

“The really scary TV” film channel won several awards at once. Promo video of "The mist" movie won the first place in the most difficult nomination of MediaBrand - "Сool for a pennies". As the creators admit, the video was very simple in production but highly emotional. “Friday, The 13th” movie promo got the third place in the nomination “The best promo for a film or series of foreign production”. 

The main Russian travel channel “My planet” with the video “We can surprise!” won silver in the nomination “The best image promo”. The video takes the audience into the atmosphere of the legendary circus, where every artist has his own secret. No one knows in what manner the hosts of the channel will perform, and what role they will get in the circus performance. But one thing is clear - the viewer does not know what awaits in the next second. Whatever the audience sees - they can only admire and follow the performance!

The promo campaign of drones shooting competition “Take off and film!” by the tv channel about the male character “T24” did not remain unnoticed. In 2018, the competition was held for the first time. The promotion took place both on the TV channel and on the Internet. 

Promotion introduced the rules, nominations, and even the basic techniques of quadcopter shooting. During the competition, videos of the participants were also aired on the TV channel. Thanks to a successful campaign, more than 325 video works were submitted. This year the start of the competition is scheduled for July.

Alena Vodonaeva joined and participated in this event.

In 2019, the MediaBrand competition was held for the seventh time, the works were judged in 44 nominations. The jury of the contest included professionals from different countries, working on channels, in production companies, and engaged in freelancing.