DTR projects reached TEFI-KIDS contest final!

This year, Foundation of Russian Academy of Television announced the first Russian national television award for the best television programs for children, TEFI-Kids. The competition accepted the works, aired in the period from January 1 to December 31, 2018. Digital Television Russia projects reached the final of the contest program in seven nominations.

The following projects entered the final list:

· “MOOLT” TV channel in the nomination “The best TV channel for children”

· "Moolt&Music" in the nomination "The best TV channel for children"

· “MOOLT” and "Moolt&Music" in the nomination “Design of a TV channel/TV program”

· “FANTASY PATROL” in the nomination “The best animated series”

· “WOODVENTURES” in the nomination “The best music for the children's program/series/film”

· "LEO and TIG" in the nomination "The best music for the children's program/series/film"

The jury consisting of representatives of federal channels, professionals of the media industry, famous TV actors, journalists, members of the Russian Academy of Television, will determine the winners of the award in two stages. At the first stage, members of the jury will choose the three finalists in each nomination at a closed meeting, at the second stage - they will decide the winner in each nomination among the finalists of the award. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony, the date and place will be announced later.