DTR takes part in "Science of the Future – Science of the Youth" Forum

Within the framework of the forum “Science of the Future – Science of the Youth”, Veronika Daletskaya, Director of the Internet Department DTR channels, will talk about how to popularize science.

The report will be about why science and publicity are compatible showing the real cases of popularizing research on the example of the contest “Film Science!”, successfully held for the third year in a row by the DTR television channel “Science”.

Modernity dictates new rules to scientists. Veronika will speak about why it is important to bring scientific work outside the professional community. The audience will learn how to film science and how to become popular.

The 3rd International Conference «Science of the Future» and the 4th All-Russian Forum «Science of the Future – Science of the Youth» – both events can be rightfully considered main scientific events in our country!

Every year on the grounds of these events scientists from different generations present their scientific achievements to Russian and foreign colleagues and to share experience and to transfer their knowledge to the younger generation. Because the mission of scientists is to share their discoveries.