Digital Television Russia project on the air of Disney Channel

On May 13, Disney Channel will host the premiere of the Russian fantastic animated series “Heroes of Envell”, produced by the animation studio “Parovoz”, commissioned by the company Digital Television Russia. Young viewers will be able to go on an exciting journey in the world of computer games, go through interesting quests and make incredible discoveries in the company of young guides through the maze of virtual reality.

The animated series “Heroes of Envell” tells about four schoolchildren from St. Petersburg addicted to computer games. Sixth graders Art, Vic, Phil, and Kira find a laptop with an unusual adventure game, "Heroes of Envell". The laptop unveils a secret portal to enter the game world. This alternate universe is overtaken by a villain, Morgarth, and his loyal witch assistant, Salamandra. The game realm is not enough; the villains want to take over the real one too. Our heroes are the only ones who can stop Morgarth’s invasion plan, as they can go in and out of both worlds.

The characters of the animated series “Heroes of Envell” have already managed to win the love of many fans, and the long-awaited showing of three final episodes of the project will be a wonderful gift for them. These episodes will not only dot the I’s in the fascinating plot of the first season, but also hint the audience what will happen to Art, Vic, Phil, and Kira in the continuation of “Heroes of Envell”.

The director and main author of the cartoon is Anton Lanshakov, whose portfolio includes work on such popular projects as “Be-Be-Bears” and “Fantasy Patrol”. The animated series “Heroes of Envell” was commissioned by the company Digital Television Russia and created by the “Parovoz” Studio. The second season, consisting of 26 episodes, is in production.

Watch “Heroes of Envell” from May 13 from Monday to Thursday at 19:05 on Disney Channel!

Find out more about the animated series “Heroes of Envell”
Disney Channel Premiere: May 13, 19:05
Production: Russia, 2019
Director and main author: Anton Lanshakov
Age marking: 6+
Plot: The action of the animated series takes place in our time in St. Petersburg. Four friends - Art, Vic, Phil, and Kira - the coolest gamers in the school. Once they find an unusual laptop that turns out to be a portal to the world of the computer game “Heroes of Envell”, where there is a place for both the style of the Middle Ages and the technologies of the distant future. Finding themselves in Envell, the kids initiated a fascinating quest. Passing it will not be easy, but the heroes will not be bored either!