The animated series of the Parovoz Studio participate in the “Main Heroes” award

"Carousel" TV channel annually holds the National Children's Award "Main Heroes". Winners of the award are mainly chosen by children on the basis of a nationwide vote in 14 nominations. The mission of the Main Heroes Award is to promote high-quality children's content.

This year, the animated series of the Parovoz Studio were selected into the competition program in 4 nominations.

4 cartoons participate in the category "Main Russian Animated Series”, already loved by young viewers not only in Russia but also in other countries of the world: “Fantasy Patrol”, “Cutie Cubies”, “Leo and Tig”, “Be-be-bears”.

New project “Cathy Quest” takes part in the nomination “Main Premieres of Russian Animated Series”. The cartoon tells about the girl Cathy and her imaginary friend Ef and their adventures in the world of professions. Heroes learn how perfumes are created, how the aquarium is arranged and how cartoons are made in the Parovoz Studio. For five minutes, Cathy and Ef have time to talk about the backstage of each profession.

This cartoon helps children to decide which profession to choose in the future. The series examines in detail what each professional do in their field.

In addition, the musical band “Fantasy Patrol” and the song from the cartoon “Be-be-bears” are nominated in the category “Main children's song”.

“Fantasy Patrol” - a musical pop group based on the images of four wizards from the episode "Believe in yourself!" with the support of the Igor Krutoy Academy of Popular Music, presented at the largest festival for the whole family “Multimir” in 2017.

Helena, one of the four young sorceresses from “Fantasy Patrol” entered the nomination "The main Russian animated hero". Helena is cheerful, plain-hearted, soulful and expressional. She is sociable and talkative. Often, she talks beside the point. She is light-minded, so at first, she does something and then she thinks. She wants all at once, that’s why she often gets lazy to develop her talent, which leads to various mishaps.

Online voting will last until May 20, and the winners will be claimed on June 1 at a big event in honor of the “Main Heroes” award.