Signal Media will take part at MIPTV and MIPDoc

From 8 to 11 April 2019, Cannes will host the largest international television and digital content market MIPTV, with MIPDoc and MIPFormats markets before its start, traditionally attended by Signal Media, the official distributor and exporter of Digital Television Russia content abroad.

Within the framework of MIPTV and MIPDoc, Signal Media presents the largest pool of Russian animation and factual entertainment content produced by Digital Television Russia, today it is more than 2500 documentaries, TV shows of different genres, cartoons, games and mobile applications in two thematic areas. More than 40 series of programs among them are translated into 7 languages - English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi.

An extensive library of factual entertainment content was formed mainly based on the programs of “My Planet”, “Living Planet”, “T24”, and “Science” TV channels, well known to the Russian audience, but there are also projects that will be presented for the first time within the TV market.

The factual entertainment project “Planet of the Horses” explains why a civilized man of the 21st century needs horses. It will reveal the secrets of traditional and completely new “horse occupations”: prize-winners of competitions and companions of tourists, gambling horses and trainers of top managers, a wealth of kings and pets, photo models and healers - these are horses today. All of them - from draught horse to ponies - in the new project of the TV channel “Living Planet”.

The “Distorted Facts” series of programs is an attempt to answer fantastic questions that go beyond the limits of understanding, based only on scientific facts. No guesswork or assumptions. Bare facts, pure mathematics, and naked physics. Seriously about not serious things. Scientifically about unscientific things. Realistically about the fantastic. Each program combines one topic with several questions that are usually asked in the subjunctive mood. For example: what will happen if aliens land on Earth?

We live in a remarkable era! Spacecraft go beyond the Solar System and land on comets, powerful telescopes find planets similar to Earth. However, scientists still don’t know if there is life on Mars, and we are defenseless against asteroids!  What have we really achieved in space exploration? What technologies do we really have? Will we ever find a new home in the Universe? Vladimir Surdin, astronomer and a leading Russian scientist, will help the audience find answers to these and many other questions in "Guide to the Universe" project.

The entire export pool of Digital Television Russia content is prepared in the modern standard of high definition television (full HD, High Definition). And in case of interest, there is the possibility of prompt preparation of factual entertainment programs and animated series also in the ultra-high-definition standard (Ultra HD or 4K).