"T24" will teach men to cook

The premiere of the project "Men's Kitchen" will be held on the TV channel "T24" on March, 19. The famous chef Grigory Mosin will travel to different regions of Russia to find out how real men are able to express themselves.

The host of the show, together with a team of professionals, will have to test his long-term experience and master real male professions. Each episode Grigory with new heroes will learn the subtleties of the craft, whether it be hunting, fishing or reindeer herding, and then prepare and lead conversations exclusively on men's topics.

“I finally understood that a real man always remains a man in any situation and environment. I am grateful for this opportunity to meet people who, despite everything, have not given up on their dreams. And it made them happy,” said project host Grigory Mosin, sharing his impressions.

In the first episode of the project, the chef will go to a real farm, but he will meet there not ordinary farmers, but talented scientists and IT geniuses. Together with former businessmen, Grigory will find out what the main secret of honest craft sausage is, why only a real man can cook an ostrich egg omelet and will open a recipe for a simple, but not well-understood farm happiness. In the next episodes, Gregory will try the monastic cuisine, find out what speleologist and rescuers eat high in the mountains, travel to Sochi not for the tan, but for mushrooms, discover the secret of producing a good Damascus steel knife and much more.

“Men’s kitchen” is a project about real men who are desperately dedicated to their work.