Cathy and EF are going to SUZDALFEST!

Cathy and EF, a squad of fearless animals, the heroes of Envell and four cutie cubes conquered the hearts of the jury of the XXIV Open Russian Festival of Animated Film, which will be held from 13 to 18 March 2019 in the city of Suzdal.

The Open Russian Festival of Animated Film is a showcase of all types of animation produced in the Russian Federation, or by citizens of Russia and Belarus working in other countries. This year's animation forum is a record for a number of indicators. In particular, the record number of films announced for screening: more than 350 projects and more than 20 animated series. Famous masters of animation industry will become guests and participants: directors, musicians, producers.

Educational animated series for children “Cathy Quest” ("Rain Chasing" episode) entered the contest program of the XXIV the Open Russian Festival of Animated Film.

As planned by the creators from Parovoz Animation Studio, “Cathy Quest” should turn the world inside out. Cathy and her imaginary friend Ef constantly explore the world where everything turns out to be not so simple: they will learn how cars are made, then they knit a sweater. It turns out that for the production of some things you need a farm, and for others you need to tame one of the most ferocious predators of the seas and oceans. The five-minute episodes fit the story of the backstage of different professions, some of them are difficult to explain to a child.

The main purpose of the cartoon is not only to tell about what professions exist and how some things are created, but also to show the children that their fantasies about professions may become a reality.

Yekaterina Kashintseva, executive producer of Parovoz Animation Studio: “Our task is to fervently tell the children how everything is arranged, starting with the confectionery factory and ending with the cosmos, and maybe even beyond. For 5 minutes that last an episode, it is important for us to tell all the most interesting in the context of this topic. Naturally, the further we move, the “crazier” these stories will be.”

Traditionally, the festival's film program, in addition to the competition, includes an extensive non-competition program, also selected by the festival committee from the films submitted for participation in the screening. These works will be shown on the main screen of Suzdalfest and will participate in a professional rating based on the voting results of guests and participants of the festival, the winner of which becomes the President of the festival for the whole next year. All these films will be presented to the animation community and covered in the advertising campaign for the screening.

The non-competitions program of the festival included the episodes of the animated series  "Cutie Cubies" ("Sing, Yellow, Sing!" episode), Heroes of Envell ("Continue" episode) and "F.A.S.T." ("The Survival Tournament" episode). 

Animation films, concerts, creative meetings and master classes will be held in Alexandrov, Vladimir, Sobinka, Sudogda, Yuryevo-Polsky, in the village of Stavrovo and Suzdal district. It is planned that they will gather about 10 thousand small viewers. Thanks to these meetings, children will receive a unique opportunity to see the best animated novelties, meet their authors, and receive mastery lessons from the hosts.

The animation film festival will be held in the Vladimir region until March 18. The organizer is "Master-Film" company with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia and the administration of the Vladimir region.