A new edition of the book about Leo and Tig

A new edition of a developmental and entertainment magazine based on the animated series "Leo and Tig”, one of the most colorful Russian cartoons about nature and friendship, has been released.

In the new book, friends will have to overcome their own fears in order to get the magic skin of the sun; find a way out of the mysterious cave and make friends with the spirit of Taiga; save the mentor - the Himalayan bear Mapu Pandiga. And friendship makes it possible to fulfill one Leo’s cherished dream.

Each issue includes a cognitive part in which you can get closer to the animal world. There is also an entertaining part on checking attentiveness and erudition, interesting riddles, crossword puzzles and coloring in colors - all this is presented in each issue. The magazine is filled with the most useful information about nature and animals that will be of interest to children.