Leo and Tig present a “The Great Story of Taiga”

A series of educational books based on the animated series “Leo and Tig” in an entertaining way tells children about the main inhabitants of taiga, their characteristics and habits.

In 2016, “Parovoz” Animation Studio presented a story about the adventures of a small, restless leopard named Leo and his best friend Tig the tiger. Every day they play and make new discoveries. The friends explore the amazing environment of the Far East, learn new things about the world around them and its inhabitants. Through their adventures, Leo and Tig learn to be friendly and kind, to help each other, and to respect nature. Now "Leo and Tig" is not only an animated series, a variety of toys, board and mobile games but also a series of the books “The Great Story of Taiga”.

The new book is completely unique: it is a big activity book with a lot of fascinating tasks, colorful pictures and a story about the inhabitants of the taiga.

Kids will have a great journey through the endless taiga, new fascinating acquaintances with the inhabitants of taiga forests, checking on attentiveness, interesting facts about animals, creative tasks, educational materials, and letters of honor to everyone who completes an interesting course.

“Leo and Tig” is one of the most beautiful and popular cartoons for children. The first issue of the comics book “Leo and Tig. The skin of the sun" has a great success among the children, it is a bestseller according to OZON market and got the maximum rating of 10.00 on the “Labyrinth”.