Popular MC became the Russian voice of “Liquid Science”  

The popular Russian MC, one of the founders of the "Kasta" rap group, Shym (Mikhail Epifanov) became the voice of the new series of programs “Liquid Science", which will be aired on the channel "Science" on February 18.

The host of the film, the world-famous rapper GZA (Gary Grice), a member of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, meets with scientists and engineers to find out how science will affect our lives in a constantly changing world. The new documentary project is first translated into Russian for the first time. In order to convey the atmosphere better, rapper Shym (Mikhail Epifanov) was invited to dub the Russian version. The artist from his youth was brought up in the scientific community. His father taught Higher Mathematics at RSU, and his mother worked at the Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics.

“I dubbed the idol of my youth. GZA has always been the most "scientific" of the entire group of Wu-Tang Clan. With his manner of reading, the words used, he created the atmosphere of a science fiction film in his verses. Now it was interesting to observe his journey along the leading edge of science. In some moments, when the curtain of the future was lifted and frightening mirages of the possibility arose, GZA had to look for support in the commandments of humanism, and sometimes remember God (laughs). We'll see whom you remember!”, Mikhail Epifanov shared his impressions, a member of the group "Kasta".

The premiere of the program series “Liquid Science” will be held February 18 at 22:00.