FAN – the only fantasy and anime TV channel in Russia! 

On Monday, December 10, the new “FAN” TV channel will start its broadcasting – the only project in Russia showing fantasy, anime, and fantastic animation, as well as television series of these genres. The channel was created by Digital Television Russia company.

The new TV channel with a unique concept will broadcast popular Russian and iconic movies from Japan produced by the founders of the anime genre, Gonzo, MadHouse, Toho, Kadokawa, Bones and Hollywood major studios, including Marvel, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, and movies of top filmmakers in China and South Korea, were the most movies and TV series are created in fantasy and anime genres. Many blockbusters of the fantasy genre based on the plots of comic books, for example, such hits as Blade, Star Trek, The Matrix and many others will be also broadcast on the channel.

On the air of the channel you can see not only the classics of the genre and the recently released projects, but also the absolute novelties – premieres immediately after the world release – in HD-format with professional multi-voice dubbing.

“FAN is definitely an exclusive channel on Russian television market. For the beginning, the broadcasting will be based on many movies and TV series in fantasy and anime genres. TV channels in our country pay little attention to such films, but their audience on the Internet is very large. And we want to attract fans of this genre to the television. Millions of people are waiting!” said Deputy General Director of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, a member of the Board of Directors of JSC Digital Television Russia Igor Shestakov at the presentation of the TV channel.

Anime and fantasy genres are very popular among the young audience. Painted worlds, alternative realities, superheroes endowed with supernormal abilities, vivid emotions and new impressions are the basis of attracting a large potential audience to the TV screen, which, according to Russian Federal State Statistics Service, is more than 53 million people.

The audience of the “FAN” TV channel is a youth of 14-28 years old, who has been watching anime and fantastic animation on the Internet for a long time, where poor-quality pirated copies are often represented with poor translation and a bad quality, and watching these movies cannot bring joy.

With the advent of the FAN channel, viewers will have the opportunity to watch the premium content of their favorite genre with a good translation and with a high-quality image (in HD standard). By launching “FAN”, Digital Television Russia not only expands the channels' family but also attracts new audiences to the television screen, including those who today barely watch TV.

The “FAN” channel is available throughout Russia in the networks of pay-TV operators. The channel is distributed by Signal Media (, the exclusive distributor of Digital Television Russia channels.

“FAN” will complement the family of cinema channels of Digital Television Russia, which already has a melodramatic “Romance”, an intriguing “Detective”, an exciting “Bestseller”, a hilarious “Comedy”, tickling nerves “The Real Scary Television” and the Cinema channel showing world hits of the cinematography.