“Moolt&Music” sets the records after 1 year of broadcasting!

“Moolt&Music” TV channel, launched by Digital Television Russia, celebrates its first birthday on December 1.  The first year of broadcasting demonstrated the relevance of the channel with favorite children's songs from both young viewers under the age of 10 and their parents.

“Moolt&Music” TV channel, created by the numerous requests of parents, helps to introduce young viewers to the diversity of the surrounding world - sounds, images, and emotions. The best songs from popular animated series, as well as the whole musical cartoons, are on the air 24 hours a day. Among them are: modern "Leo and Tig", "Masha and the Bear", "Fantasy Patrol", "Kikoriki", "Be-be-bears", "Fixiki", "Woodventures", musical classics of "Soyuzmultfilm" animation studio, as well as numerous foreign cartoons and animated series. New music content, 40% of the airtime, is specially created for the TV channel.

The broadcasting grid of "Moolt&Music", created with the recommendations of children's psychologists, contains thematic blocks: "Wake up, kids!" (morning selection of cheerful tracks), "Music School" (educational songs), evening block with lullabies, dance hour and others.
"Moolt&Music" became the first music channel among children’s and the first children’s music channel in Russia. The uniqueness of the concept attracted the attention of both children and their parents to the channel. From the first months of broadcasting, the channel took leading positions of the Russian thematic television market.

According to Mediascope, which makes TV viewing ratings and traces the popularity of TV channels, as early as January 2018, residents of Russia over 4 years old watched "Moolt&Music" every day for 37 minutes a day*. According to this indicator, "Moolt&Music" became one of the leaders among music channels and among adults over 18 years of age - they gave an average of 38 minutes of every day watching. Since then, the channel viewing time has grown and reached the value of 48 minutes, ahead of the federal music TV channels in terms of viewing duration!

In less than six months of work, "Moolt&Music" entered the top 5 children's pay-TV channels by average daily rating and currently holds the leading position on this indicator and coverage among paid music channels in the 4+ audience. The channel is watched daily by 425 thousand people, which is 1.5 times more than in December 2017. On average, the channel attracts almost 4.5 million viewers every month.

“Not only the original concept, but also our own production and regular premieres of music videos from cartoons, as well as songs were specially written for our channel, help to attract viewers and continuously expand the audience. It's nice that millions of families with children sing along with us, and we, for our part, will continue to delight them with new products,” says Tatiana Tsyvareva, General Producer of the "Moolt&Music" channel.

A creative team, working on the development of "Moolt&Music", presented Russian viewers such children's TV channels as MOOLT, Tlum HD and Ani, also occupying leading positions on the Russian television market. 

The channel is distributed by Signal Media, the exclusive distributor of Digital Television Russia TV projects.




* According to Mediascope. Region: Russia, cities with a population of over 100 thousand people. Period: January-September 2018