"MOOLT" shop opened in Kaliningrad!

Residents of Kaliningrad became the first to buy toys from the "MOOLT" store without making a trip to Moscow. And all thanks to the cooperation with the retail network of "Rostelecom".

Bright recognizable store windows and the most popular toys with the heroes of Russian cartoons - and the shop, every child dreams of opens in the city! This is what the mini-format of the "MOOLT" store looks like, the first branch of which is located in the new "Rostelecom" sales point in Kaliningrad, Leninsky.

Here you can not only order Home Internet service or digital TV, but also buy a teddy be-be-bear, a fantasy patrol doll, or the Fixies game set and many other toys. Thus, now both an adult and even the smallest guest of the "Rostelecom" sales office can make a purchase here that they have long dreamed of.