Foreign press called Parovoz studio a russian Pixar

Eloa Orazem, a journalist at the Update or Die magazine — a popular Portuguese community of creative professionals — visited Parovoz studio and shared her impressions in an article where she called Parovoz studio a Russian version of Pixar. 

Parovoz studio, a Russian Pixar has grown approximately by 1000% percents in three years and has no intention to stop.

Parovoz is a video content producer that lives up to its name — it’s a locomotive, and nothing can stop it. The studio produces children’s content for Russian and international channels. The content has a wide range of subjects — traveling, lifestyle, and all kinds of discoveries.

The cartoons of Parovoz today are available in 10 languages and being broadcast in 65 countries, China is the main market after Russia, they are followed by Europe.

Just to let you understand the scale of what is happening — the dolls based on the characters of Fantasy Patrol animated series knocked legendary Barbie off the pedestal and reached the top of best sellers.

I had a chance to visit Parovoz studio and what I found there was much like modern advertising agencies in Brazil: spaces for yoga and ping-pong, a playroom for children, and an overall atmosphere that makes you want to return again and again.

At first, I thought that was only an outward appearance to provide a favorable impression of the company. But after a conversation with CEO of the studio, I realized that this was far from marketing — they do not sell the appearance different to their reality.

Anyway, these guys opened the doors exclusively for us and the result you can see in the video — the very beginning of my experience here, in Russia.