The premiere of "Fantasy Patrol" on the main children's TV channel in Sweden

Popular children’s TV channel SVT Barnkanalen (Sweden) started broadcasting of Russian animated series "Fantasy Patrol". Now millions of families with children can watch the magical adventures of four girls.

Summer morning slot on Swedish television is a traditional time for animation premieres – only the best world cartoons are shown for the first time for millions of viewers. Now, "Fantasy Patrol" is among them, the first episode of Russian animates series was shown on the channel SVT Barnkanalen on June 12. The popular cartoon is produced by "Parovoz" Animation Studio and adapted for international sales by "Digital Television Russia".

SVT Barnkanalen was launched by the Swedish public broadcaster Sveriges Television AB (STV) and distributed throughout the country. The TV channel shows programs for preschoolers, school students and teenagers.

The STV group also includes the popular scientific channel Kunskapskanalen, general themes SVT1 and SVT2, VOD platform SVT Play. All media resources of the holding are on leading position in the Swedish television market.

"Fantasy Patrol" is one of the most popular projects of "Parovoz" Animation Studio. The animated series is aimed at the audience of girls from 6 to 11 years old, but it is enjoyed by and elder children too. The cartoon develops the imagination, teaches friendship and helps small viewers to believe in their strength and miracles.

The story of "Fantasy Patrol" takes place in the mystical town of Fableton, filled with magical heroes, unusual adventures, and thrilling wonders. The citizens think that it is all just a spectacle for tourists. But it is not the same for our heroes! Four average young girls filled with energy, bravery, and superpowers, get into endless adventures while trying to balance the world of fairies within the human one. Valery is the sassy leader, Mary the brainy one, Snowy the whimsical dreamer, and Helena the girl with dynamite energy. Although they're different, through their genuine relationships and modern gadgets, they monitor the magical mayhem which pops up amongst ordinary citizens, conquering any mission in their agenda together.

The first episode was premiered in May 2016 on ANI, MOOLT and Tlum HD TV channels. The cartoon became one of the main hits of the year in Youtube. In addition, in 2017, "Fantasy Patrol" was in the final of the prestigious award, held at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Market (Mifa), the major international event for around 10000 industry professionals. 

The mobile application, based on the "Fantasy Patrol", was launched by Interactive Moolt publisher. The fascinating adventures of the popular heroines are available in the App Store and Google Play.