Sputniknews.com: Cartoon Streaming Service Moolt Sees Hispanophones as Good US Market Entry Point

Moolt a Russia-based video streaming service and game publisher believes that attracting Spanish-speaking audience will help it settle in the US market, but is equally interested in winning over Latin America, the company's executives told Sputnik.

The streaming-on-demand service became available to English- and Spanish-speaking users of App Store and Google Play on Tuesday.


The company has been releasing applications based on popular Russian cartoons and localized them for major European audiences in the last two and a half years, Alexey Ilin. a producer at Interactive Moolt explained.

Moolt team is now working on establishing itself in North and Latin America.

"The aim of the application is to promote Russian cartoon legacy globally and to keep adding the best Russian and international cartoons to MOOLT," Ilin told Sputnik.

The creators see a big future for the project in Central and Latin America, given pricing and the quality of the content and the localization. MOOLT is planning to attract Spanish-speaking audience in both Americas.

"The Spanish-speaking audience in the United States is steadily growing. This is one of the most promising sectors of the US audience and a very good point of entry to the US market in general," Kirill Tanaev, a director of the Modern Media Research Institute (MOMRI), told Sputnik.

The company has localized for English- and Spanish-speaking consumers ten of the most popular cartoons from the Russian-language MOOLT service.

"These are mostly the projects of the leading Russian animation studio Parovoz, which regularly receive international and Russian awards," Ilin said.


MOOLT channel is already available on cable in the United States and Latin America.

"As for the app, we are planning to release it for Android TV. We are also actively working on the Apple TV app, which will be launched in the near future," the Interactive Moolt producer said.

The company believes that there is room for more content for children on the video streaming services market.

The Spanish- and English-language MOOLT will have over 30 hours of cartoons for children.

"The quantity of hours will grow fast. In the near future, we are planning to add 150 hours of cartoons," Ilin said.

Competition with video streaming giants, like Netflix and Hulu, may seem daunting, but "the US audience is very receptive toward interesting and varied content," the MOMRI director said.

The audience for streaming content is growing in Latin America, which makes it as well as North America promising platforms for Russian animation projects, Tanaev said. ‚Äč