DTR has reached agreements on selling the largest package of Russian animation to China’s biggest online cinemas!

Today Russian media group DTR has reached a number of agreements on selling to its Chinese counterparts’ rights to the largest pool of animated series in history and which exceeds 550 series. This content will soon become available to subscribers of China’s largest online cinemas – Tencent video, iQIYI and Mango TV – the total audience of which exceeds one billion persons per month!

All the cartoons have been adapted by DTR for its promotion in China. The series have been translated and re-voiced in Chinese while all the graphics and scenarios have been either changed or corrected taking into account the cultural features of the Chinese audience. Thus, Chinese partners - Tencent video, iQIYI and Mango TV – will very soon be able to start demonstrating Russian animated content to their subscribers.

The whole negotiation process and accompaniment services have been carried out by “Signal Media” company which is the exclusive distributor of DTR’s content in the international market.

China's largest online cinema iQiyi the audience of which exceeds 500 million persons per month is going to place on its video platform 7 animated series: Be-Be-Bears, Leo & Tig, Fantasy Patrol, Magic Lantern, Rolando Locomotov, Woodventures and Cutie Cubies.

Tencent corporation which is one of the largest companies in the world in terms of capitalization is actively developing its “QQ” fast messaging network in China and the system “WeChat” for sending text and voice messages as well as Tencent video - one of the largest online cinemas. The monthly audience of this video platform exceeds 450 million persons. 

Tencent will show on its platform 10 Russian animated series: Be-Be-Bears, Papertales, Leo & Tig, Fantasy Patrol, F.A.S.T., Magic Lantern, Rolando Locomotov, Woodventures and Heroes of Envell.

These same series will also become available to more than 80 million active users of Mango TV internet service that was created by Hunan Broadcasting System and Hunan Satellite TV television companies.

«In terms of our international strategy for brands promotion, we consider Asian region countries in which half the world's population lives as a priority. And here especially stands out the Chinese market that is the largest one in Asia. For two years we have been preparing to bring here our brands which were thoroughly adapted and dubbed for the local audience. We deem the partnership with China’s largest video platforms as the highest appreciation of our work! Selling of the biggest pool of Russian animated series to Chinese online cinemas makes this event a historical one for the whole Russian animation industry. One should notice that video content stands as a part of the strategy for promoting our animation brands. There are some smartphone and tablet games created on the base of our cartoons which are already available in China», comments Dmitry Mednikov, DTR’s chairman of the board of directors.

“The reaching of the agreement with such video giants as Tencent video, iQIYI and Mango TV will allow ten animation brands to get access to the audience exceeding one billion persons. That is a great success for us as well as no less serious challenge on content promotion in the international media market!” – said Mikhail Kovalchuk, CEO of “Signal Media”.

DTR group of companies is a subsidiary of Federal State Unitary Enterprise “The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company” (VGTRK) and Rostelecom. DTR is currently occupying leading positions on the Russian thematic television and new media market. The company’s assets include 19 TV channels of various genres, digital platforms for the promotion of animation, mobile games and applications adapted for entering foreign markets including China.