Be-Be-Bears and Fantasy Patrol Hit the World’s Top 30 Most Popular Cartoons List

According to TV screenings by MIPJunior which took place in Cannes, France, in mid-October, two Russian animated TV series – Be-Be-Bears and Fantasy Patrol – have for the first time ever become one of the world’s most popular kids’ TV shows.

Reed MIDEM, the company organised MIPJunior, an international specialised screening library of audio & video technologies and TV content for kids and juniors, summarized the results of the recent session. This autumn’s MIPJunior featured over 1,300 animated series and kids’ TV shows from all over the world. MIPJunior determines the top 30 popular projects based on the number of viewings by the international purchasers of kids’ programmes.

This year’s top animated series included Be-Be-Bears (ranked 15th) and Fantasy Patrol (ranked 27th) created by Parovoz animation studio for Digital Television Russia company and MOOLT and Ani TV channels. The Russian cartoons ranked among the leading US, France, UK and Germany projects.

“This is the first time a Russian animated TV series has ranked among the most frequently viewed by the TV content purchasers from different countries who are looking for the best TV shows, are familiar with the contents and are in the position to see a cartoon’s potential. Two Russian animated TV series hitting the top 30 list at a time proves both that Be-Be-Bears and Fantasy Patrol are of high quality and that their international promotion strategy is adequate. “Practice shows that the TV projects rated in MIPJunior’s Top 30 later become bestsellers,” notes Ms Alexandra Modestova, the official representative of MIPJunior and MIPCOM screen markets in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

“Both animated TV series are extremely popular in Russia. Be-Be-Bears’ new series often become viewing leaders on MOOLT channel and also on Karusel channel. Fantasy Patrol which debuted this May immediately captured the attention of both the TV viewers and the YouTube audience (over 5,000,000 hits). Be-Be-Bears’ and Fantasy Patrol’s prominent success in Russia makes us believe that it is likely to be popular in other countries, too”, adds Ms Tatiana Tsyvareva, MOOLT channel’s Chief Producer.

Be-Be-Bears premiered on MOOLT TV Channel in April 2015. The animated TV series is an exciting story about the adventures of indefatigable pranksters – brown Teddy bear called Bucky and polar bear called Bjorn and their friends Chicky and Franny The Fox. The series helps the kids understand the world around, develops their fantasy and teaches them to help each other and that friendship can overcome any obstacles.

The heroines of Fantasy Patrol presented by Ani TV channel are four young fairies in charge of keeping the balance between fairy tales and real life in Myshkin, a mysterious small town. A genuine fairytale sanctuary, the city swarms with tourists, but to protect them and also to keep Myshkin’s citizens in comfort, the girls must keep a constant eye on the fairytale characters inhabiting this land and help them.

Digital Television Russia company adapted 6 Russian animated TV series in 10 different languages. Alongside Be-Be-Bears and Fantasy Patrol, Paper Tales, Rolando Locomotov, Magic Lantern and Leo & Tig were presented at MIPJunior. They all were in the focus of the international content buyers’ attention thanks to the high quality of animation combined with their HDTV standard compliance.

A Russia-based Signal Media is Digital Television Russia projects’ international distributor.

Together with the Russian animated TV series, Digital Television Russia prepared over 40 popular programmes which aired on Moya Planeta, Live Planet, T24 and Nauka channels to be shown abroad. The following shows have been adapted for foreign audiences: World Market with Alexander Pryanikov; Astronaut Diaries: Year In Space, the first reality show shot in space; Planet of Tastes with Anton Zaitsev, a unique mix of a documentary and a TV kitchen; and Dancing Planet with Aleksander Pukhov.

The aggregate content to be promoted abroad is over 1,500 hours. All programmes are HD standard, and the majority may also be presented in 4K standard.

Russian educational content presented by Digital Television Russia in Cannes at MIPCOM TV & screen market held after MIPJunior was in an equally high demand. Signal Media is negotiating to make Russian programmes available in dozens of countries over the next year.