Strana has presented the ratings of information activity at the International Investment Forum Sochi-2016

Strana chief editor has taken part in the discussion session of the International Investment Forum Sochi-2016 devoted to the problems of small and medium-sized businesses in the regions. Natalia Litovko presented the rating of information activity of small and medium businesses in Russia. The study was conducted by the experts of the TV channel in cooperation with the Modern Media Research Institute (MOMRI).

The most commercially efficient producers and suppliers, striving to promote domestic products, have been monitored.

The findings show that the media exposure of specific small and medium-sized businesses is negligible. Their activity is covered mostly only by regional websites and specialized trade media. TV coverage is extremely rare.

The rating compilers believe, that the key problem is the lack of a tool for exposing and promoting activities of small and medium-sized businesses. Meanwhile these are the companies which provide unique products and services within the import substitution program. The rating which showed that small and medium-sized businesses are almost not presented in the media environment do not have tools to promote its activities, has caused debates among the participants of the session.

Strana, being the official media partner of the International Investment Forum Sochi-2016, has called out to tackle the issue of the information inequality. The channel covers extensively the activities of small and medium-sized businesses. Strana aims to make the audience aware that small business is to be developed in Russia.