DTR has 1,500 hours of Russian media content in 10 languages to be exported

DTR together with its partners has prepared the largest pool of the Russian media content to promote abroad. More than 1,500 hours of documentaries, TV programs of different genres, cartoons, as well as games and mobile applications will be translated in 10 most popular languages ​​and become available for residents of most countries all over the world by the end of 2016.

DTR, the leader in the Pay-TV market, and the first Russian full screen media company to produce media content and services for 5 different screens, announces the launch of its international strategy.

“Entering the international market was set as a company priority in 2015. From the huge pool of the own produced programmes (which is more than 3,500 hours) we have selected those relevant for the international level and have dubbed them in 10 most popular languages. That is the first translation scope of such level in the history of the Russian television", - said  the chairman of DTR Board of Directors, Dmitry Mednikov.

In total the holding has prepared more than 2,500 documentaries and programmes aired on Moya Planeta, Living Planet, T24, and Nauka to be shown to the international audience. More than 40 educational TV series will be launched on the global TV market. In addition to  that more than 500 episodes of Russian animated series will be translated in 10 foreign languages.

50 translators, more than 100 editors, 25 directors and sound engineers, 50 speakers, 20 control rooms, recording and graphic design studios have been involved during the adaptation process.

While preparing the export pool DTR has been partnering with 360 ° TV channel, 0+Media, Cyrillic, Oblako Media, SDI Media Russia, Eclectic Translations, as well as with dozens of production studios in different countries around the world. The general interest in Russian content and partnership with major international broadcasters will allow DTR international media content to enter the markets of Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, North Africa, India and China.