1 mln people were watching live broadcast of the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony on Nauka

The debut online broadcasting of the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony by Nauka has drawn a strikingly high audience.

Nauka has live broadcast the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony 2016 in its special issues of  “The matter of science” programme for the fifth time in Russia already. From October 3 to 5 the audience benefited from watching real time the announcement of the Nobel Prize winners in physiology, medicine, physics and chemistry. The programme presenter Alexey Semihatov invited the leading Russian scientists to comment on the results. Among them were Valery Rybakov, a physicist, an expert in quantum field theory, elementary particle physics and cosmology, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Henry Erlich, a chemist, Doctor of Chemistry sciences, the leading researcher at the Faculty of Chemistry, Moscow State University; Lyubov Strelnikova, Ph.D. in Chemistry, the editor in chief of Chemistry and Life magazine; and others.

For the first time this year live reports from the Nobel Committee headquarters in Stockholm could be watched not only on TV but also online, the broadcast was available through Nauka Youtube channel and its website

The channel has also partnered with main Russian media, social networks and search engines, which placed the broadcast widget on their sites. Such popular resources as vesti.ru, Mail.ru, Afisha Live, Snob, Life.ru, Neurotechnology in the Russian Federation, Schrödinger's cat magazine and Odnoklassniki social network have demonstrated their interest in “The matter of science” special issues.

These special issues were supported by a large-scale promotional campaign on 15 popular TV channels of DTR group, which Nauka belongs to. More than 750 announcements with total duration of more than 6 hours have been aired.

Nauka and the partnering Internet media have granted more than 1 million Russians an opportunity to see the announcement of the Nobel Prize winners and to be the first to learn about the most important discoveries in 2016. The special Nobel issues on Nauka have been always popular, the recent viewership data will be released by TNS in November.

Nauka broadcasts the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony annually and welcomes partners, eager to promote achievements of scientists from all over the world.