The first virtual cinema "Moolt VR" will be presented at the 39th Moscow International Film Festival

June 23 at 11:00 in the VR-zone of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival, Digital Television Russia and "Parovoz" animation studio will present the first Russian family virtual cinema "Moolt VR" with gaming and interactive functions.

"Moolt VR" - the first interactive application for smartphones that support virtual reality glasses (VR), combines the favorite entertainment of families with children: games, watching cartoons, immersion in their atmosphere and communication with the cartoon characters, as well as visiting the cinema. Users will be able to choose the location from the cartoon in which the virtual cinema show will take place, as well as animated characters joining them in the cinema.

Two locations have already been created: "be-be-bears" for younger audience and "Heroes of Envell" for elder audience. The developers of the application - the animation studio "Parovoz" and Digital Television Russia company are planning to negotiate with the rights holders of other animation studios and create new locations with popular cartoons.

At the first stage 9 animated series produced by "Parovoz" studio will be available: popular "Leo and Tig", "Be-be-bears", "Fantasy Patrol", "Paper Tales", "Rolando Locomotov”, "Magic Lantern", as well as the premiere of new projects "Heroes of Envella", "Four in a Cube" and "FAST". In the future, the number of cartoons will increase.

Some of the animated series, for example, "Heroes of Envell " will be available in a three-dimensional image in "MOOLT VR" app for the first time in Russia and in the world. 3D-cartoons are specially created for this application.

Several episodes of each animated series will be available for free, and the premiere and additional series will be available by subscription.

Most of the features of "MOOLT VR" were not previously used in applications for mobile devices of virtual reality, which makes it unique.

In autumn "MOOLT VR" can be installed on Samsung smartphones that support virtual reality glasses Gear VR. The first release will be published for the Russian-speaking audience, and before the end of 2017 English version will be released.

The choice of the platform Samsung Gear VR for the development of the virtual cinema "MOOLT VR" was made due to the fact that today it is the most common in Russia and in the world of devices for viewing VR-content. According to the research made by Superdata company, 4,560,000 sets of Samsung Gear VR were sold in the world on 2016, and 6,700,000 sets are forecasted to be sold in 2017.

The second most popular and accessible global technology for viewing VR-video on smartphones is Google Daydream. According to the Superdata company, more than 3,500,000 people will buy these devices in 2017. Until the end of 2017, dozens of smartphones from different manufacturers will begin to support this technology. In this regard, it is planned to adapt "MOOLT VR" application for Google Daydream technology, which is based on the mobile operating system Android like Gear VR.

Thus, the cumulative audience of the virtual cinema "MOOLT VR" will exceed 13 million people in the world this year, with more than 580 000 who live in Russia.

The presentation of "MOOLT VR" was held on May 31, 2017, in Moscow with the technical support of the Russian representatives of Samsung.

"MOOLT VR" is created and promoted with the support of the Russian VR consortium, established in 2016 by Digital Television Russia, the animation studio "Parovoz", the largest Russian IT integrator CROC, the studio of Vizart Lab television graphics, the developer of mobile applications "Interactive Moolt", and MOMRI.

"MOOLT VR" is the second application using virtual reality technologies developed by Digital Television Russia and the animation studio "Parovoz". In February, "Interactive Moolt "publishing house released the project "Magic Lantern VR"- a game for virtual reality devices, based on the animated series of the same name. Russian VR-game is available to hundreds of millions of users of the global Steam game service around the world.

Digital Television Russia (DTR) is a fast-growing multiscreen media group in Russia driven by its pay TV, OTT, gaming, VR, merchandise and distribution business, as well as by its in-house research unit. With a 28% share, DTR is the leader on the thematic TV market in Russia.

Parovoz animation studio was created in 2014. The studio works on development and production of animated
films – series and full-length features, based on the artistic traditions of Russian animation and modern technology.