"Interactive Moolt" released new musical application "Rhythm and Bears"

"Interactive Moolt" studio, a part of Digital Television Russia company, published a new music mobile application based on the popular animated series "Be-be-bears", conquered the hearts of millions of small TV viewers around the world.

"Rhythm and Bears" became the third game based on the cartoon (the "Interactive Moolt" applications are regularly included in the top lists of the best projects for children), as well as the first musical application of the studio. By combining musical instruments, costumes and special effects, each user can be a director of a real music festival.

The game will give the child the true freedom of creativity and the joy of playing music, organizing the performance with favorite characters, and also take part in the concert: singing and recording the song using the application for the characters to play it back. The application is available to download for free on iOS and Android platforms.



“Interactive Moolt” studio is among the largest children’s mobile app publisher, and a leader in children’s application market segment in Russia and CIS. Their main focus is on development, publishing and marketing of educational mobile games and apps based on cartoons shown on the “Moolt” TV channel

The total number of installs of games and applications exceeded nine million.

The project began its activity in July 2015 as a gaming unit of the largest Russian media holding VGTRK.

The main direction - the development of mobile games and applications based on the same animated series, broadcasted on the TV channel "Moolt".