MOOLT - the leading children's brand in Russia

"MOOLT" TV channel, addressed to little viewers from 1.5 to 6 years old and their parents, demonstrated an unprecedented growth in popularity for the entire time of media measurements existence in Russia. "MOOLT" became the absolute leader of the children's themed television after the first months of broadcasting and all this time kept on the top for all basic indicators. Today, "MOOLT" is the leader in terms of joint viewing time of adults and children among all children's channels, including federal ones. In children's audience, "MOOLT" reliably gained a firm foothold in the top three among federal channels in terms of the number of viewers and duration of viewing.

The popularity of the "MOOLT" is the result of a competent choice of the content and programming of the broadcasting grid by the channel's editorial staff, as well as the production of its own animated series. Every year "MOOLT" releases 2-3 new series. The audience has already fallen in love with the heroes of such popular cartoons as "Be-be-bearsi", "Leo and Tig", "Fantasy Patrol", "Woodventures", "Cutie Cubies", "Paper Tales" and others. In the nearest future, the channel will broadcast new animated series. The popular and beloved modern "Masha and the Bear", "Moonzy", "The Pooches", as well as the classics of "Soyuzmultfilm" and State Television and Radio Company were purchased for the broadcasting.

"MOOLT" TV channel became the progenitor of two other children's TV channels - "Tlum HD" and "Moolt&Music", the need for such channels eventually became obvious. In 2016, the channel "Tlum HD" began to show premium animated series and the best feature-length animated films in high resolution. In 2017, "Moolt&Music" - a music family television channel - started its broadcasting. Within a month of broadcasting, "Moolt&Music" became the leader by the daily time of watching among kids and their parents, ahead of not only thematic channels but also on-air music TV channels.

In spring of 2015, "MOOLT" channel offered the audience a new format of leisure - the movie almanac "MOOLT in Cinema". Its main feature is showing only fresh series, premieres that cannot be found on the Internet. The total duration of the session does not exceed 45 minutes, which is easy to watch for two-three-year-old boys and girls. Thus, "MOOLT in the Cinema" began to form new family traditions and opened the world of big cinema for the kids. Every weekend, the almanac is shown at more than 630 cinemas in different cities of Russia. Cartoons in cinemas were watched by more than 3 million people.

The next step in the development of "MOOLT in Cinema" will be a full-length animated cartoon based on the "Fantasy Patrol" animated series, created by "Parovoz" Animation Studio. 

"MOOLT" application was created for the children could watch their favorite cartoons at any time even without Internet connection. One of its features is the premiere of new series before they are shown at the movies and on TV. If you want, you can download cartoons. Today the application allows watching children's TV channels "MOOLT", "Tlum HD", "Moolt&Music", ANI.
In 2018, the application began to be distributed in Spanish and English languages outside of Russia and the CIS.

In autumn of 2015, popular cartoon characters familiar to children began to "migrate" into tablets and smartphones - applications based on the animated series were created by Interactive Moolt publisher. Watching the cartoons and playing, children can learn the basics of reading and counting, how to behave in the street, simple everyday wisdom in the play form, fantasize, create their own locations. For two and a half years, 16 games and educational applications for children have been released, their popularity is growing every day - more than 30 million installations in 170 countries. Among them: "Be-be-bears", "Leo and Tig", "Fantasy Patrol", "Cutie Cubies" and others.

Cartoon characters are already learning virtual reality. The first family interactive application using VR technology based on "Magic Lantern" animated series was released. The virtual MOOLT VR cinema is being prepared for release, where the kids will be able to watch cartoons surrounded by their favorite cartoon characters.

"MOOLT" has always sought to please the viewers not only on air. The largest family event in Russia "Multimir" festival opens its doors every year to the children and their parents for they can meet with popular cartoon characters. Every year the leading animation studios in Russia, children's TV channels recreate in reality the fabulous worlds of their cartoons so that young visitors can plunge into the unique atmosphere of magic.

In December 2017, "MOOLT" launched a store under its brand in Moscow in the shopping center "Riviera", where the entire line of licensed goods of only Russian animation brands is represented. By the 4th birthday of the channel, another store was opened - on the first floor of the Central Children's Store in Lubyanka in the center of Moscow. In the end of the summer, it is planned to launch the online store "MOOLT", available to all residents of Russia.

"MOOLT" is the only non-terrestrial channel broadcaster engaged in the production of animated series and their translation into 10 languages - Chinese, English, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish and others. For 2 years more than 3000 episodes were sold to 50 countries on 5 continents. And in January 2018, the foreign version of the MOOLT channel began broadcasting on the territory of the United States and Latin American countries.

Thus, "MOOLT" became the first Russian TV channel, managed to create a full cycle of business on the creation of children's brands. New animated series are being created and produced, shown on their own TV channels. When the characters become famous, they appear in the film distribution, in games and applications. Toys and goods for children with images of heroes are produced, they can be found in a specially created stores.

Success in the Russian market helps the "MOOLT" TV channel enter the international market and become recognizable for residents of other countries.