“Fantasy Patrol” entered the contest program of the prestigious international festival

The organizers of the international animation film festival in Annecy selected the Russian animated series "Fantasy Patrol" into this year's contest program.

The International Festival of Animated Films in Annecy is one of the most significant film festivals in the world, founded in 1960. It takes place annually in the east of France in Annecy. 

This year the festival will open its doors on June 12.

The 3 episode of the animated series "Fantasy Patrol" - "Everybody dance now!" - will compete for the prestigious award in the "Series" category along with cartoons from the USA, France, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico and other countries.

The animated series "Fantasy Patrol" tells about four young fairies - Valery, Mary, Helena and Snowy. Their task is to observe the behavior of fairy-tale characters, help them and protect the peace of the city, providing the balance between the world of fairy tales and the world of people. In the third episode, Helena and Snowy fight in a dance battle with a real genie and save their friends from captivity.

The popularity of the animated series "Fantasy Patrol", created by “Parovoz” Animation Studio, is rapidly raising in Russia. The premiere took place in May 2016 within the "Moolt", ANI and "Tlum HD" TV channels.

The cartoon became one of the main hits of the year in Youtube! The project "Cartoon in the cinema" attracted millions of coevals, who follow the magical adventures of young fairies in more than 200 cities of Russia. The television audience of the “Fantasy Patrol” is estimated at tens of millions of people.