Parovoz Animation Studio goes to Suzdal!

XXIII Open Russian Animation Film Festival will be held March 13–18, 2018 at Suzdal Tourist Center in Suzdal. Open Russian Animation Film Festival, established in 1996, is a screen review of all types of animation produced on the territory of Russian Federation or made by citizens of Russia and Belarus working abroad.


Five animated series, created by Parovoz Animation Studio will participate in a contest program of 23rd Open Russian Animation Film Festival Suzdalfest!

– "Glade in a Forest" ("Heroes of Envell" animated series) directed by Anton Lanshakov

– "Fight in the Mountains" ("F.A.S.T." animated series) directed by Alexey Mironov

– "Where Vitamins Live" ("Cutie Cubies" animated series) directed by Polina Grekova and Dmitriy Lazarev

– "Football" ("Nasty Cat and Good Boy" animated series) directed by Roman Vereshсhak

– "Leaves" ("Woodventures" animated series), directed by Asya Strelbitskaka

Last year, two animated series created for children's channels of Digital Television Russia, became the winners of the 22nd Open Russian Animation Film Festival Suzdalfest. Cartoon "Tima and Toma" was recognized as the best animated series, and "Leo and Tig" received a prize in the special nomination "Animation series with the greatest international potential".