"Be-be-bears" are gaining popularity in China!

Chinese users of smartphones and tablets are discovering mobile games from Russian developers. Positive feedback and reviews on the "Be-be-bears" application began to appear in social networks and on Internet forums.

"The app showed me how rich my kid's imagination can be," one of the users of the online platform forum for parents Yaolan.com wrote about "Be-be-bears". The mother admired how the app gives the child the opportunity to show his savvy, helping virtual heroes do the tasks with various game objects. She also noted that "Mi-mi-bears" app is training a quick eye very well. 

The application is available in the App Store for any Apple device with iOS 8 or later versions. In addition to Russian, English and Chinese, the app supports Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish, German, Malay, Portuguese, Thai, Hindi and Japanese. An application is also available for the Android platform.

In 2016, the game "Be-be-bears", based on the animated series of the same name was featured as "Editor's Choice" on the App Store.

Be-be-bears Bjorn & Bucky are inseparable friends. The white one is a know-it-all, and the brown one is a fidget. They live in a magic forest together with darling Foxy and faithful Сhicky. Every day in the life of our be-be-bears is full of adventures, inventions, entertainments, and critical exploration of the world. 

The application, created by "Interactive Moolt" publisher, is not just a game; it helps children satisfy the thirst for knowledge and explore the world, new acquaintances and discoveries. The small user will, for example, tidy up Bjorn’s room, go to do some wildlife photography with the cubs, help Bucky to assemble the boat, or feed the fish in the lake.