Digital Television Russia launches two international TV-channels

Popular Russian TV-channels "Mi Planeta" and "MOOLT" will start broadcasting in Spanish in US and Latin America countries.

Today, January 18, "Signal Media" company together with an American distributor "Olympusat" during the largest regional TV exhibition NATPE taking place now in Miami (USA) are presenting the launch of two TV-channels of "Digital Television Russia" media holding company. The two channels are "MOOLT" for children and a non-fiction channel "Mi Planeta" ("My Planet"), both of them are completely localized for Spanish-speaking audience. Starting on February 5, Russian TV-channels in Spanish will be available on cable and IPTV networks in US and Latin America countries.

«”Signal Media” company has been successfully promoting the content of “Digital Television Russia” abroad for a long time. But despite this, we consider the entering of our Spanish-speaking TV-channels to the market of the US and Latin America as a great challenge. We hope that our experience and understanding of audience’s preferences in addition to the professional expertise of our American partner “Olympusat” in the sphere of distribution will help our projects to integrate as effectively as possible into pay-TV space on the continent and to gain the trust of millions of viewers», – says Mikhail Kovalchuk, CEO of "Signal Media" company.   

"Mi Planeta" is a non-fiction channel with a program grid mainly consisting of Russian content adapted for Spanish-speaking audience. The channel relies on popular program series from channels "My Planet", "Live Planet", "Nauka" ("Science") and "T24" belonging to "Digital Television Russia". The channel’s library already has more than 2500 series of documentary films and programs and will be replenished every year with more than 300 premiere series. Within the framework of "Digital Television Russia" company’s international activity a formidable part of its content is already translated into 7 languages including English, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi and others.

"MOOLT" is a world animation TV-channel for preschoolers with the content based on Russian animated series. Given the channel’s large experience of work with children’s audience as well as exclusive premiere content of its own production, there is no doubt in the success of the project launched in the Spanish-speaking market; this success will be similar to one "MOOLT" already has in Russia. 

«The launch of TV-channels in the US and Latin America is an important and sequential step in our international strategy, – says the chairman of directors’ board of “Digital Television Russia” Dmitry Mednikov. – More than two years ago together with our distributor – “Signal Media” company – we started preparations to enter foreign markets. We have been creating content which would be understandable and interesting in various countries. Not just documentaries and animated series adapted for foreign viewers but also games, mobile and OTT-applications and projects for VR devices. At the same time, “Signal Media” has been looking for partners and conducting marketing and distribution policies. Our current partnership with the largest Spanish-speaking media holding company in the US (i.e. Olympusat) testifies to the high estimation of our content quality». 

The technical launch of "Mi Planeta" and "MOOLT" TV-channels will be carried out by "Digital Television Russia" technology partner – a Russian company "Digital Lab". For the first time, there will be the use of cloud play-out technology when international TV-channels are programmed in Russia while the physical shaping of the signal is taking place in the US.

«With the advent of two “Digital Television Russia” channels in our network, we have managed to seriously enlarge our supply to the audience and strengthen our positions on the market. “MOOLT” and “Mi Planeta” TV-channels are a truly high-quality product that combines attractive storylines, the most modern shooting and animation technologies and flexible programming», – comments Aurora Bacquerie, vice-president for interaction with TV-channels in «Olympusat». 

In addition to the linear broadcasting of the two channels for Spanish-speaking audience, there is a plan to bring the ecosystem associated with "MOOLT" channel allowing children to interact with favorite heroes by the use of various devices. People in US and Latin America countries will get the access to smartphone and tablet games which have been created on the basis of produced cartoons and have already conquered the top positions in AppStore and GooglePlay, as well as OTT-service with an exclusive access to the premium children’s content and applications assuming the use of VR technologies.

The international strategy of "Digital Television Russia" supposes the gradual access of all company products to foreign markets. Up to this day "Signal Media" company which is an exclusive distributor of "Digital Television Russia", has signed dozens of agreements on the sale of rights to Russian documentary films and animation with TV-channels and VOD-services in Europe, China, South-Eastern Asia, Middle East and Latin America.