"Be-be-bears" became available to viewers in Central and South-Eastern Europe on the HBO Europe network!

Signal Media and HBO Europe closed the deal to sell the rights to the animated series "Be-be-bears".

The popular Russian animated series "Be-be-bears", produced by Parovoz Animation Studio commissioned by VGTRK and adapted for international sales by Digital Television Russia, became available to viewers in Central and South-Eastern Europe on the HBO Europe network.

Now small viewers in Europe have another reason to watch TV. The agreement on the acquisition of cartoon rights was signed by HBO Europe and Signal Media, exclusive distributor Digital Television Russia content. 

HBO Europe is the European division of one of the largest US media corporations. HBO Europe is a premium pay television service operating in 3 Central European Countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and also 11 Eastern European countries: Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

In Europe, the media holding has been broadcasting since 1991 and today the company has 10 TV channels covering 14 countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe. And in 2016 the total number of network subscribers exceeds 130 million worldwide.

"Be-Be-Bears" is one of the most popular projects of Parovoz Animation Studio. The cartoon is focused on the audience from 3 to 6 years old, but it is enjoyed by elder children and parents too. The project develops thinking and creativity, teaches friendship and kindness. "Be-Be-Bears" is about Bucky and Bjorn's amusing adventures. The two protagonists are quite different: brown bear Bucky invents gadgets and polar bear Bjorn loves nature. The characters try to balance their respect towards nature with their interest in technical progress by experimenting with both, while using a positive attitude. They often get into sticky situations, but always overcome any hardships with the help of their friends. Effortlessly, young viewers learn about strategy and manners through the show’s games and sweet humor!

Mobile applications for children, created by Interactive Moolt publisher, based on the animated series, are also popular: "Be-be-bears" app was featured by the App Store in 70 countries, and "Rhythm and Bears" app was downloaded over 1.3 million times round the world.