"Fantasy Patrol" spinoff full-length cartoon will be released in 2020!

Parovoz Animation Studio, produced such popular animated series as "Be-be-bears", "Leo and Tig" and other wonderful projects, is working on its first full-length animated movie, and its action will take place in the universe of "Fantasy Patrol".

The cartoon got the title "The True Story of Koschei", so it's easy to guess who will be the protagonist of the animated movie. 4 Girls-wizards with superpowers will present in the cartoon too but their roles are secondary. The creators promise young viewers a beautiful love story, but all the details they keep a secret. The premiere of the full-length cartoon is scheduled for the spring of 2020.

The universe of "Fantasy Patrol" continues to expand. After all, besides the animated series, there are  books, mobile games, dolls of main characters and even a musical group. And now the full-length animated film is being created.