Digital Television Russia cartoons are recognized as the best in China for the second year in a row!

November 17, China announced the winners of the prestigious international award in the field of animation – Cyber Sousa. Russian animated series "Fantasy Patrol" was awarded the nomination "The Best Foreign Animation Series".

At the Cyber Sousa contest, the Russian cartoon series "Fantasy Patrol" got the "silver" in the nomination "The Best Foreign Animation Series". The international jury valued the originality of the idea of "Fantasy Patrol" and the high quality of 3D animation.

The animated projects of Digital Television Russia and Parovoz Animation Studio are recognized as the best in China for the second year in a row. In 2016, the prestigious jury awarded the gold statuette Cyber Sousa to "Paper Tales" animated series. 

The story of FANTASY PATROL takes place in the mystical town of Fableton, filled with magical heroes, unusual adventures, and thrilling wonders. The citizens think that it is all just a spectacle for tourists. But it is not the same for our heroes! Four average young girls filled with energy, bravery, and superpowers, get into endless adventures while trying to balance the world of fairies within the human one. Valery is the sassy leader, Mary the brainy one, Snowy the whimsical dreamer, and Helena the girl with dynamite energy. Although they're different, through their genuine relationships and modern gadgets, they monitor the magical mayhem which pops up amongst ordinary citizens, conquering any mission in their agenda together.

The premiere of "Fantasy Patrol" was held in May 2016 in the cinemas of Russia as a part of the project "MOOLT in the Cinema" and on the TV channels Ani and "MOOLT".

Tatyana Tsyvareva, animated series producer, and "MOOLT" TV channel general producer: "The magical world and "Fairy Patrol" characters immediately attracted the attention of tens of millions of viewers, YouTube users and fans of mobile games. Being among the best animated series and got the Cyber Sousa award means that "Fantasy Patrol" has all chances to succeed both in China and in other countries."

A mobile game, developed based on the animated series, was downloaded more than 1.5 million times in less than a year! In 2017, the casting of a new musical group was held all over Russia, it was created on the basis of the images of "Fantasy Patrol". Manufacturers produce toys and children's products with the images of the animated series heroines.

In addition to "Fantasy Patrol", Parovoz Animation Studio produces such popular animated series as "Heroes of Envell", "Leo and Tig", "Be-be-bears", "Woodventures", "Magic Lantern", "Paper Tales" and others commissioned by Digital Television Russia. 

Reference Information:
The International Animation Festival (Xiamen International Animation Festival) is held annually in China in Xiamen. Its main tasks are the promotion and development of the animation industry, comics, and virtual games, as well as the establishment of international relations in this field.

Within the framework of the animation festival, Cyber Sousa Award is presented to the best cartoons from different countries.