ERR will continue broadcasting four Russian animated series

Signal Media, distributor of Digital Television Russia content of different genres, and Estonian national broadcaster ERR closed the deal to extend the rights to broadcast four Russian animated series.

The companies extended the agreement on broadcasting popular Russian animated series "Be-be-bears", "Magic Lantern", "Rolando Locomotov" and "Paper Tales" produced by Parovoz Animation Studio commissioned by VGTRK and adapted for international sales by Digital Television Russia.

The agreement with the state broadcaster of Estonia was concluded in August 2016 and became one of the first in the international portfolio of Signal Media. The ERR Corporation operates five radio stations, Internet portals in Estonian, Russian and English, and three national TV channels, Russian animated series will be available on two of them ETV2 and ETV+. 

"Be-be-bears" tells about Bucky and Bjorn's amusing adventures. The two protagonists are quite different: brown bear Bucky invents gadgets and polar bear Bjorn loves nature. The characters try to balance their respect towards nature with their interest in technical progress by experimenting with both while using a positive attitude. They often get into sticky situations, but always overcome any hardships with the help of their friends. Effortlessly, young viewers learn about strategy and manners through the show’s games and sweet humor.

"Rolando Locomotov" is catchy and instructive stories which happen from time to time to restless kids, Jerry and Mary. Any everyday activity, from cooking a pie, riding a bicycle, surfing the internet, to taking a walk in a park, usually leads to unforeseen consequences. Thank goodness, there is always a wonderful superhero, Rolando Locomotov, nearby, who is ready to save everyone in a heartbeat. Rolando rescues Jerry and Mary when they get themselves caught in situations that turn so outrageously dangerous. Rolando always teaches them how to avoid future disasters through fun tactics. Each episode ends with simple rules from Rolando Locomotov, making it the best cautionary tale for kids.

"Paper Tales" shows the creative journeys of a paper cut-out duo — moose, Aristotle, and woodpecker, Knock-Knock — in a paper wonderland. The origami creatures captivate kids, while the DIY instructions help them develop motor skills, logic, and their imagination. The animation shares light philosophies and ways to deal with mishaps. Kids learn how to make their own paper cut-out toy at the end of each episode relevant to its lesson. The hands-on activities promote kids’ independence and creativity, giving them an alternative to computer games.

The international potential of this Russian cartoon was noticed back in 2016 at the prestigious international award Cyber Sousa, where "Paper Tales" took "gold" in the nomination "The Best Foreign Animation Series" and became the sole owner of this award from Russia. The international jury rated not only the originality of the idea of the cartoon, but also its educational component.

"The Magic Lantern" is an imaginative series based on the world's classic tales as told by the main characters through a projection of spectacular designs. Smarty-pants Kate teaches her baby brother Mike about the wonders of life through folk tales and beautiful images. Mike is a merry and mischievous young boy, a big dreamer and fan of computer games, who thinks reading is boring. In Magic Lantern, the siblings experience stories of classic literature — from the Musketeers, Gulliver to Oscar Wilde — as seen by captivating illustrations on a film-strip, created by 80 different acclaimed artists, discovering age-old life values for Mike and his sister.

In February, Interactive Moolt publisher released a game for VR devices developed according to the plot of the animated series - "Magic Lantern VR".

"Magic Lantern VR" is a family-oriented interactive game. The game starts the room, where you can interact with many different objects: pet the cat, play darts, draw on the easel, or watch cartoons via a projector. The game requires an HTC VIVE headset and controllers.